Posted by: machadus | October 25, 2009


have been some time that I’m trying to put my projects to work. As you know, I have an instable mind, now I have two projects for my life. Gina and Wazzah.

Gina is the girl that I’m love. And we have a life plan together. Wazzah is the company that I’m creating. I will talk about this project.

The company means to devolop remarkable communication tools and strategys. I’n the beging of it. And for it, I have been dedicanting my time and work. Always looking for solution to solve the problems of work alone in the moment. There’s so many things to do and no money back now! But, as every succesfull guy said… you shoud never give up of your dreams!

Somethings might work, others not. But this is the way it is.

visit my site when can.



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