Posted by: machadus | December 26, 2008

Thinking about life

It’s strange how my life likes to change. Even when I don’t want to.

I just want to be quiet. But doesn’t mater were I am, my mind never get quiet. Last week I was in a point to quit my job, trow everything away and go live into the wild. But that’s not style of living. I can’t in the wild, I’m to urban to do this. But I’d like to try. Must be funny. But my mind is unquiet and jumps all the time. Last week I wanted to quit. Run way. I still want, but I’m not so stupid, so I’m staring to plan new actions for my future.

I saw Batman, the dark night. I didn’t like so much of the Joker, I ratter 2 faces! Because he can be like me. Not that I’m a 2 face person, but I always think that I am contradictory. Because even that I like rock and roll, if I’m drunk and hear some pagode I fall dancing it. It’s strange, I know. But know, I’m thinking in changes again.

Was just one word with my mom to make me smile here. I miss her a lot, but I knoe that she is fine if I’m fine to. I love her. I’m traveling around the world now. I can’t  get stuck  in one place for a long time. Unfortunately. The only thing that could me lock, was the love. And I’m not finding it here. And as you know, I care a lot about the love in my heart. I need to be in love to be happy. To sleep well. Get laid is easy. But be in the mod to call in the other day is hard.

I don’t know.

Auckland is a nice city. There’s a lot to know yet, but I’m thinking in leave it. Maybe Sidney. But first I go to Mildford Sound in one way or another. That’s the mission.


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