Posted by: machadus | November 21, 2008

little things

before I came here, something that I couldn’t imagine happens… Marcel show me a very good movie. first I saw the trailer on YouTube, than I listen eddie veder singing, wow! must be good!
that time I was feeling lonelyness. I has my girls there, but I don’t have my friend anymore. I have many friends. or maybe I just know a lot of people. is import to have friends.
I miss the BBQ on Mondays, the way they make here it’s to diferent. the functions is funny, but it’s not that we usualy do any time.
I miss the simple things. like walk on the street drinking beer, to see beautifully girls like the one’s that we can see in any street of porto alegre. here is different, The girls are very nice, but they are not so lovely like the girls from my city
In the movie, I liked more the end. When he says one thing so beautiful and true. I don’t remember the exact word he used but the meaning is the same. Happiness only exist if was shared, shared with friends.



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