Posted by: machadus | June 7, 2010

and now what?

So, this time I came to talk about my love. I don’t know if I’m in love. I don’t know more what is to be in love. The love that you don’t think. The love that make you run, breath and feel good.

I just want to live in Neverland, were I can be always a kid with a hero in my heart.

This is the world were we live i, so try to save it from the dark. Love. Love. Love.

Were is the love? People don’t fall i love a more. It’s just sex! Ad this is good, but before some time you want something more. All super hero need a girl to save. But this time, is the girls that will have to save the hero lost for love!

Posted by: machadus | April 11, 2010

No Fun…

It not suppose to be boring. But it’s starting to be!

I have a new mission and as always, I want to score high. My life is full of surprises, some good, others not to much. My girlfriend just cool of with me and now I’m a lit bit lost. It’s ok! But now I thing that I will select a nice wife for me. It’s time to grow.

Wishes I, that this was more easy to do, than to speak. But the things are gonna to be better soon.

Posted by: machadus | April 3, 2010

Bad Romance

Posted by: machadus | November 11, 2009

psiquiatra amador

Eu sempre acho q todo psiquiatra e psicologas da vida são loucos. Muito mais loucos q seus pacientes!

eu adoro ficar com as que eu chamo d “psicolocas”. mas elas sempre acabam por me dar uma enrlada de alguma maneira! e pior é q geralmente eu deixo elas coordenarem as “consultas”. sou completamente apaixonado por uma. grandes chances de casar! mas foi uma outra q sem querer querendo me deu uma boa lição.

Eu acho que ja matei umas 3 ou 4 gurias. Pelo menos nunca mais as vi. São paixões um pouco magoadas e inacabadas e que dificilmente voltaram… e assim como os fantasmas, elas assombram um velho coração.

eu escreve isso para mim mesmo. viva a vida! não seja mau. sorria. e assim segue, acredite e aja!!!

Posted by: machadus | October 25, 2009


have been some time that I’m trying to put my projects to work. As you know, I have an instable mind, now I have two projects for my life. Gina and Wazzah.

Gina is the girl that I’m love. And we have a life plan together. Wazzah is the company that I’m creating. I will talk about this project.

The company means to devolop remarkable communication tools and strategys. I’n the beging of it. And for it, I have been dedicanting my time and work. Always looking for solution to solve the problems of work alone in the moment. There’s so many things to do and no money back now! But, as every succesfull guy said… you shoud never give up of your dreams!

Somethings might work, others not. But this is the way it is.

visit my site when can.


Posted by: machadus | July 21, 2009

I went there, now I’m back

I finish my mission in New Zealand for while. There I has the oportunity to work with Gianpaolo and Nicola. Two funny italians that become good friends of mine. Now I’m back to Porto Alegre. And I don’t know what am I doig here!!!

I came to met my nephew, Artur. But he just know how to make shit, and anything else…


Posted by: machadus | March 2, 2009

keep moving

As you know, have been some time that I don’t come here. Today I’m in the mod to write something.

In the last point I was in a point to leave my job and go to the wild. And it’s it what I’m doing know. I decide move from Auckland and try the contry side of New Zealand.

I don’t know why, but today, after a sunny day with friends in a beach, when I park the car to come home, I feel lonely. Start to be a litle bit sad and thinking about my life here and in Porto Alegre. I met a lot of friends here, but most of all are only temporary friends… others, even if we don’t live in the same place, we’ll alway be friends.

I decide to live an adventure know. I made a rote, and here I go. I don’t have money, place to sleep and I’m going alone.

South, wait for me, I’m coming.


Posted by: machadus | December 26, 2008

Thinking about life

It’s strange how my life likes to change. Even when I don’t want to.

I just want to be quiet. But doesn’t mater were I am, my mind never get quiet. Last week I was in a point to quit my job, trow everything away and go live into the wild. But that’s not style of living. I can’t in the wild, I’m to urban to do this. But I’d like to try. Must be funny. But my mind is unquiet and jumps all the time. Last week I wanted to quit. Run way. I still want, but I’m not so stupid, so I’m staring to plan new actions for my future.

I saw Batman, the dark night. I didn’t like so much of the Joker, I ratter 2 faces! Because he can be like me. Not that I’m a 2 face person, but I always think that I am contradictory. Because even that I like rock and roll, if I’m drunk and hear some pagode I fall dancing it. It’s strange, I know. But know, I’m thinking in changes again.

Was just one word with my mom to make me smile here. I miss her a lot, but I knoe that she is fine if I’m fine to. I love her. I’m traveling around the world now. I can’t  get stuck  in one place for a long time. Unfortunately. The only thing that could me lock, was the love. And I’m not finding it here. And as you know, I care a lot about the love in my heart. I need to be in love to be happy. To sleep well. Get laid is easy. But be in the mod to call in the other day is hard.

I don’t know.

Auckland is a nice city. There’s a lot to know yet, but I’m thinking in leave it. Maybe Sidney. But first I go to Mildford Sound in one way or another. That’s the mission.

Posted by: machadus | November 25, 2008

heart stone

I read about this thing caled social network. I spend a lot of tome in front of the computer using internet. I have 4 blogs, and 2 socil networks. it’s not much.


yes! that’s my problem now! I’m trying to make my heart become a stone. Because this thing of everybody fuck with everybody is starting to piss me of! and you know what I don’t like more? Is this girls who are lost mind! I want to get rid of this girls, but they always come to me. I’m tired of this! I know that I’m bad to! but even beeing bad, I’m so sweet!

Posted by: machadus | November 21, 2008

little things

before I came here, something that I couldn’t imagine happens… Marcel show me a very good movie. first I saw the trailer on YouTube, than I listen eddie veder singing, wow! must be good!
that time I was feeling lonelyness. I has my girls there, but I don’t have my friend anymore. I have many friends. or maybe I just know a lot of people. is import to have friends.
I miss the BBQ on Mondays, the way they make here it’s to diferent. the functions is funny, but it’s not that we usualy do any time.
I miss the simple things. like walk on the street drinking beer, to see beautifully girls like the one’s that we can see in any street of porto alegre. here is different, The girls are very nice, but they are not so lovely like the girls from my city
In the movie, I liked more the end. When he says one thing so beautiful and true. I don’t remember the exact word he used but the meaning is the same. Happiness only exist if was shared, shared with friends.


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